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The main building material is wood, and the story laying parquet flooring reaches the age of aristocratic culture, when the wooden floor has become an essential sign of wealth and prosperity. The most popular material for installing floor is parquet. With him goes rugged floor with lots of pictures. Parquet versatile to use - you can invest in areas for different purposes. Laying flooring available in many kinds of patterns: the classic "deck" or "tree" to "basket" or artistic styling. Main - choose wood under interior design. Most often most practical to use oak or ash, which include hardness, resistance to moisture fluctuations, longer lifetime. Leadership no-right is oak flooring. The texture of oak wood has many shades, you can create a lot of pictures that decorate our homes. This flooring will stand for many years without losing its qualities during operation. And, it seems, oak flooring concluded classic style never goes out of fashion. Ash flooring not less popular. In hardness it is not inferior to the oak, but it has many colors structure of fibers. Gamma color gum flooring changes from white to yellow or bright brown.